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    Match Your Constituents’ Addresses to New 2020 Virginia State Lower House Districts

    December 16, 2019

December 16, 2019

Match Your Constituents’ Addresses to New 2020 Virginia State Lower House Districts

Your Virginia’s constituents’ state lower house districts may have been changed for 2020 session

The newly elected Virginia House of Delegates is based on the redrawn boundaries for the new Virginia state lower house districts. This redistricting affects 25 districts. An estimated 425,000 voters from Richmond to Virginia Beach have been moved into the new House of Delegates districts.

2019 Virginia state lower house redistricting
Notice how, with the examples below, redistricting has changed not only the district number but the party representing it:

4302 Old Courthouse Way, Newport News, VA 23602
Current: District 95 Democrat: Marcia S. (Cia) Price
Starting January 1, 2020: District 94   Republican: David E. Yancey

1016 Greenbrier Pkwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320
Current: District 78 Republican: James A. (Jay) Leftwich
Starting January 1, 2020: District 77 Democrat: C. E. (Cliff) Hayes

On November 18, 2019, as the legislative window opened for the 2020 General Assembly session in Virginia, Democratic lawmakers had filed bills for voting rights, gun control, LGBTQ protections and the ERA. The new House of Delegates convenes on January 8, 2020. So, if you want to make the voice of your membership heard on any of these contentious issues (by leveraging their constituent-representative relationships), you will need to make sure they know what new state lower house district they live in and who in the House of Delegates will be representing them. With January 8th, 2020 coming soon, there is an added sense of urgency to act now.

Match Your Constituents to the New Virginia State Lower House Districts by Address, 5 Digit Zip Code and 9 Digit Zip Code

Thankfully, USgeocoder already has the Virginia House of Delegates redistricted data ready. You can get your members’ addresses matched to the new state house delegates in real time via our API service. We also provide batch processing service to geocode your address records and append new state lower house district information to each one.

Besides providing the state lower house district information by address, we also provide the state house delegate district information by 5-digit zip code and 9-digit zip code.

Share with us how you want to make use of this data and we can propose the best approach for your needs. Call toll free 1-888-938-6732 or describe your request in more detail at https://usgeocoder.com/contact_us.



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