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    2018 United States Election Schedule By Month

    December 22, 2017

December 22, 2017

2018 United States Election Schedule By Month

2018 United States Election Schedule By Month

Last Updated: March 21, 2018

S = Senate race    H = House races    G = Governor’s race
Democratic incumbent marked in blue  Republican incumbent marked in red  Independent incumbent marked in teal
Special election marked in purple
Underlined if Incumbent not running

To find out the incumbent and his/her contact information for a particular state or an address, you can use USgeocoder free lookup tool.  After you enter an address and its 5 digit zip code, USgeocoder will tell you the information on National Senators, House of Rep and State Governor, Lt. Governor for the input address.

Want to keep track of the 2018 Elections by State? Click here to see the election schedule for each state.

February, 2018
2/20/18  Wisconsin  Spring Primary
2/27/18  Arizona  8th District Special Primary

March, 2018
3/6/18  Texas  Primary (G,S,H)
3/13/18  Pennsylvania  18th District Special Election
3/20/18  Illinois  Primary (G,H)

April, 2018
4/3/18  Wisconsin  Spring Election
4/24/18  Arizona  8th District Special Election

May, 2018
5/8/18  Indiana  Primary (S,H)
5/8/18  North Carolina  Primary (H)
5/8/18  Ohio  Primary (G,S,H)
5/8/18  West Virginia  Primary (S,H)
5/15/18  Idaho  Primary (G,H)
5/15/18  Nebraska  Primary (G,S,H)
5/15/18  Oregon  Primary (G,H)
5/15/18  Pennsylvania  Primary (G,S,H)
5/22/18  Arkansas  Primary (G,H)
5/22/18  Kentucky  Primary (H)
5/22/18  Georgia Primary (G,H)
5/22/18  Texas  Primary Runoff

June, 2018
6/5/18  Alabama  Primary (G,H)
6/5/18  California  Primary (G,S,H)
6/5/18  Iowa  Primary (G,H)
6/5/18  Mississippi  Primary (S,S,H)
6/5/18  Montana  Primary (S,H)
6/5/18  New Jersey  Primary (S,H)
6/5/18  New Mexico   Primary (G,S,H)
6/5/18  South Dakota Primary (G,H)
6/12/18  Maine  Primary (G,S,H)
6/12/18  Nevada  Primary (G,S,H)
6/12/18  North Dakota  Primary (S,H)
6/12/18  South Carolina  Primary (G,H)
6/12/18  Virginia  Primary (S,H)
6/19/18  Arkansas  Primary Runoff
6/19/18  D.C.  Primary
6/26/18  Colorado  Primary (G,H)
6/26/18  Maryland  Primary (G,S,H)
6/26/18  Mississippi  Primary Runoff
6/26/18  New York  Federal Primary (S,H)
6/26/18  North Carolina  Primary Runoff if there are not federal races included
6/26/18  Oklahoma  Primary (G,H)
6/26/18  South Carolina  Primary Runoff
6/26/18  Utah  Primary (S,H)

July 2018
7/17/18  North Carolina  Primary Runoff if there are federal races included
7/24/18  Georgia  Primary Runoff

August, 2018
8/2/18  Tennessee  Primary (G,S,H)
8/7/18  Kansas  Primary (G,H)
8/7/18  Michigan  Primary (G,S,H)
8/7/18  Missouri  Primary (S,H)
8/7/18  Washington  Primary (S,H)
8/11/18  Hawaii  Primary (G,S,H)
8/11/18  South Dakota  Primary Runoff
8/11/18  Vermont  Primary (G,S,H)
8/14/18  Connecticut  Primary (G,S,H)
8/14/18  Minnesota  Primary (G,S,S,H)
8/14/18  Wisconsin  Primary (G,S,H)
8/21/18  Alaska  Primary (G,H)
8/21/18  Wyoming  Primary (G,S,H)
8/28/18  Arizona  Primary (G,S,H)
8/28/18  Florida  Primary (G,S,H)
8/28/18  Oklahoma  Primary Runoff

September, 2018
9/6/18  Delaware  Primary (S,H)
9/11/18  New Hampshire  Primary (G,H)
9/11/18  Rhode Island Primary (G,S,H)
9/13 /18 New York  Primary (G)
9/18/18  Massachusetts  Primary (G,S,H)

November, 2018
11/6/18 General Election
11/6/18 Louisiana Primary (H)

December, 2018
12/4/18  Georgia  General Election Runoff
12/8/18  Louisiana  General Election

January, 2019
1/8/19  Georgia  Federal General Election Runoff



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