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    What is my new 118th congressional district for 2022 elections?

    June 9, 2022

June 9, 2022

What is my new 118th congressional district for 2022 elections?

Matching Addresses to the New 118th Congressional Districts for the 2022 Elections

New congressional districts will be used for the 2022 elections

As all states have finished their congressional redistricting based on the 2020 census data, people wonder if their congressional districts have changed. The redistricted congressional districts are for the 118th Congress, which is scheduled to meet in Washington, D.C., from January 3, 2023, to January 3, 2025. The new congressional district boundaries will be used in the 2022 election.

To find out the new 118th congressional district for your address, simply enter your address and zip code in USgeocoder Live Demo. it will show both 117th and 118th congressional districts for your address.

Although all states have completed their redistricting. Some states have their maps in litigation. See the current status for each state on our redistricting page.

Do you know your new state legislative districts for 2022 elections? Click here to find out how you can lookup your 2022 state upper house and state lower house districts.

States’ total seats in 118th Congress have changed

Based on Census 2020 results for the 118th Congress, some states have gained congressional seats and some have lost seats. The 2022 midterm elections will use the new apportionment figures. The 2024 and 2028 presidential elections will be held under the new Electoral College totals.

States gaining seats:

  1. Montana: +1
  2. Oregon: +1
  3. Colorado: +1
  4. Texas: +2
  5. North Carolina: +1
  6. Florida: +1

States losing seats:

  1. California: -1
  2. Michigan: -1
  3. Illinois: -1
  4. Ohio: -1
  5. West Virginia: -1
  6. Pennsylvania: -1
  7. New York: -1

New 118th Congressional district boundaries in many states have changed

The 2021-2022 redistricting has changed the dynamics of the congressional boundaries in many states. Florida is a typical example. Below is the map that shows the boundary changes for the 2012-2022 Congressional District map and the new 2022 redistricted map.

FL Congressional District Redistricting

Source: State of Florida

The redistricted maps often have political impacts. In Florida, the biggest criticism the new map receives is that it make North Florida’s 5th District, which is currently predominantly Black, majority-white, and also decreases the Black population of the 10th District in Orlando.

The following is a partisan breakdown of the new map and old map of Florida:

FL 117th 118th Congressional District Comparison.png

Source: FiveThirtyEight:

To find out the new 118th congressional district for your address, use the USgeocoder Live Demo, API or Batch Processing.

USgeocoder installs the new maps as they are approved by each state.

For personal use, you can also manually lookup the new districts for your address by accessing the USgeocoder Live Demo. For business use, go ahead and subscribe to our Online Lookup Tool (it works the same way as USgeocoder Live Demo).

What follows is a step-by-step guide on how to use the USgeocoder Live Demo to lookup new congressional district information. It uses the physical address of Disney Land: 1500 EPCOT RESORTS BLVD, ORLANDO, FL 32830-8428.

Step 1: Go to the USgeocoder Live Demo: https://usgeocoder.com/api_live_demo, enter the street address and the 5 digit zip code, and then press the “Free Lookup” button. (You don’t need to put in the city and state.)

USgeocoder Online Subscription Tool Live Demo input Address

Step 2: A new page opens after pressing the “Free Lookup” button, click on the “DISTRICT & ELECTED OFFICIALS” link to view the current and new congressional districts as well as the current elected official information. It also provides state and local jurisdiction information.

For Disney Land, its current congressional district is 10 (117th Congress). Its new congressional district is 11 (118th Congress)

USgeocoder Online Subscription Tool Results

If you want to view the maps for the new and current congressional districts, click on the “May Layer & Legend” tab, click on the “POLITICAL DISTRICTS” link, and check the “118th Congressional Dist.” to view the new congressional districts. Zoom-out to the 3rd level from the bottom and uncheck all but “State” level from the “BASE MAP” for the best view.

FL 118th Congressional District Map

To view the old congressional (117th congress) districts, just uncheck the “118th Congressional Dist.” and check the “117th Congressional Dist.” layer.

FL 117th Congressional District

If you would like to receive the new district data for individual address for your online applications, check out USgeocoder API. 

USgeocoder can also match addresses to new districts through batch processing. All you need to do is to send USgeocoder your address file.

Need more help? Contact USgeocoder via:

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  2. Fill out the Web Inquiry Form
  3. Or just call us at: 888-938-6732.